The saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" was actually...

original quotation

This is the original "Chinese proverb" from the streetcar advertisement.


The International Association of Black Professional Firefighters would like to express many words as well through the images and memories we have acquired over the years. We want to send a message that reflects togetherness, growth, unity, professionalism, organization, determination, and vision.

For our members, may these images bring you much happiness and encouragement as you reminisce about the good times we have all shared.

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Convention Photos General Photos

2013 Convention Photos

Orlando, FL




2010 Convention Photos

New Orleans, Louisiana


Opening Ceremony     Banquet

BBQ     Community Event

Luncheon     Town Hall Summit

Lobby Fellowship     Memorial March

Delta Parade     Youth Event

    Delta Meeting     General Photos    


2008 Convention Photos

Detroit, Michigan

     Gallery 1     Gallery 2

2006 Convention Photos

Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Gallery 1

2004 Convention Photos

Los Angeles, California


L.A Convention Memorial March Video

2002 Convention Photos

Buffalo, New York

Gallery 1















Congresswoman Johnson and IABPFF Reps

Day on the Hill 2010

2009 Tri-Regional Conference Photos

Atlanta Georgia

(1st ever in history)


Gallery 1

Older Photos




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