Past Presiden 1980-1984

Charles Hendricks



IABPFF President 1980-1984    Treasurer 1970-1980

Charles “Charlie” Hendricks was a man who shared his life in the community in a great variety of ways.

As a life-long resident of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he was educated in the public schools and graduated from Benjamin Franklin High School.        Charles began his civic activities as a scout leader, Coach of the Top Cats Little League Baseball Team, Education Chairman of the Heston Elementary Home and School Association and the Conestoga Community Betterment League.

A charter member of Club Valiants Incorporated of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Charles served as treasurer 1962 through 1974. In 1972 Club Valiants challenged the city of Philadelphia regarding minority hiring and promotions in the fire department and prevailed. The Valiants are one of the five founding organizations of the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters. “Charlie” represented the IABPFF as a member of the National Qualification Board of the Fire Service, a  group responsible for fair and bias-free selections for all fighters. His travels throughout the United States, recruiting firefighters and organizations into the IABPFF greatly extended his personal and professional family.

As chairman of the Concerned Black Men ( Philadelphia Chapter) this civil servant continued to fulfill his desire to uplift our youth. He invested his time, talent, money and love, creating for them a positive presence.

As chairman of Simpson- Fletcher United Methodist Trustees and as Founding President of Simpson-Fletcher Conestoga Community Corporation, Charles oversaw the development and construction of the Simpson-Fletcher Conestoga House, a senior citizens residence in West Philadelphia in 1983.

His legacy was honored posthumously in 1993, with the unveiling of a bronze bust likeness (Tina Allen- Sculptress) at the Philadelphia African American Historical and Cultural Museum. Its existence is due to the financial support of   the IABPFF, Concerned Black Men, Simpson-Fletcher United Methodist Church and Simpson-Fletcher Conestoga Community Corporation and Club Valiants Inc. David Floyd, president of the Charles Hendricks Memorial Committee and the first president and Co-founder of the IABPFF spear-headed the effort. The sculpted bust is housed at Valiant Hall in Philadelphia  Pennsylvania.

Ethel Hendricks(wife),Gerri Walker (daughter),                              *Leroy Hendricks(son) Carl Copeland(son)

eight grandchildren- five great grandchildren



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