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Tue. Jul 8th 2008
I am currently the Fire Chief on Wake Island near Japan. I am the former Fire Chief of Midway and Golden Garden Fire Protection Districts. Our Board of Trustees and two of our Firefighters were Black Women who served our Fire District. Trustees: Julia Harris, Mary Winfield; Firefighters Ida Denise Sanford and Lisa Smith.
- Chief Robert J. Brooks

Wed. Jun 18th 2008
Hey!!!! from B-more.....I mis yall. Hope to see you soon
- "B"

Tue. Jun 17th 2008
Madame President,
Congrats on a beautiful and well put together web site. Keep up the good work. You have my full support.
- Kim C. Peterson Past Pres. BWFS

Sun. Jun 15th 2008
Hello Ladies,

What an awesome web-site. I think it is a great tool to let the world know that you exsist. I am proud of all of you, and am here if you need me for anything. You all make us proud. Keep up the great work.

I Love you all,
- Sebastian Carrillo

Wed. May 21st 2008
Jeffrey Vaughn passed away Monday May 19, 2008. It was not in the line of duty but I believe he was a member of the National Organization. Here is a link to the local papers Web article.
- Friend of Jeffrey Vaughn

Tue. May 20th 2008
Peace and Blessings,

Sister President Karen, it is indeed a pleasure to not only sign your guestbook, but to congratulate you and your Executive Board on your new site! I look forward to working with you in the future and certainly thank you for all that you have contributed to the IABPFF in the past.

Your Brother,
Outgoing Executive Vice-president
- Joseph B. Muhammad

Wed. May 14th 2008
The web site is okay. Lot of info we can use

Keep it going.
- Jean Sanxton Frye

Sun. May 11th 2008
Fabulous website!
- Lisa Walker - Phoenix Sentinels

Sun. May 11th 2008
What an awesome encouraging site! May God bless your efforts as you be a beacon of strength to all women of the fire service and especially our sisters. Keep up the great work.

Your family here in Austin, Texas support you.
- Darren Hyson

Mon. Apr 28th 2008
Site is lookin marvelous. Keep on doin the dang thing.
- John Alston

Sat. Apr 26th 2008
Love the site
- Sabrina Potter




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